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Maurice Stratemeyer
Half Brother of the Creator of the Rover Boys

Spouse(s): Annie Lucinda Roll
Family tree: Maurice Henry Stratemeyer 1854-1920

Annie Lucinda Roll

Annie Lucinda Roll, born 23 Sep 1860 in Ovid, Seneca, New York, was proud to be a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She married Maurice Henry Stratemeyer 18 Oct 1881 in Elizabeth, Union County, New Jersey. He was born 10 Oct 1854 in New Jersey. Maurice died 27 May 1920, but Annie survived him 37 years. She died 24 Oct, 1957.


Mrs. Annie L. Stratemeyer

Kin and Friends Will Honor 90-Year-Old Roselle Woman

Wedding of Great Niece Included in Plan of Celebration

ROSELLE, Sept. 23. -- To live long, one must lead an active life, take a keen interest in the country and never lose a sense of humor, says Mrs. Annie Lucinda Stratemeyer, of 312 Poplar street, who on Saturday began celebration of her ninetieth birthday anniversary.

Mrs. Stratemeyer evinces keen interest in local and national events in which she has long been aided by the Elizabeth Daily Journal, of which she has been a reader seventy years, she says.

Mrs. Stratemeyer was born in Ovid, N. Y. Her father, Jonathan Smith Roll, was engaged in government construction at Elmira, N. Y., during the Civil War. In 1881 she married Maurice H. Stratemeyer, who for many years conducted a sporting goods store and tobacco and music shop at 31 Broad street, Elizabeth. He was a violinist and as an orchestra leader often played at functions around Elizabeth. He died about thirty years ago. Mrs. Stratemeyer is a member of Boudinot Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, Elizabeth, being a decsendant of John Roll, who was a sergeant in the State Militia at Springfield in Revolutionary times.

Source: Copy of newspaper clipping marked 1950 in manuscript. Probably from the Elizabeth Daily Journal, September 23, 1950.

The Stratemeyer Tobacco and Music Shop

Maurice Stratemeyer and his wife Annie Lucinda Roll probably lived in the second story above their tobacco and music shop at 31 Broad Street, Elizabeth, Union, NJ. The shop sold cigars, tobacco, musical instruments and music. A trolley track runs along Broad Street from the lower left to the upper right of the map. Their shop was at the northeast corner of Broad Street and Washington Street. A trolley track also runs up Elizabeth Avenue, and Washington Street was one block north of where the two trolley lines intersected. Maurice was the brother of Edward Stratemeyer, creator and publisher of childrens' books such as The Hardy Boys.

31 Broad Street, Enizabeth, New Jersey

31 Broad Street, Enizabeth, New Jersey

"Edward Stratemeyer worked as a clerk in his step-brother Maurice Henry Stratemeyer's music and stationery store. Edward Stratemeyer (1862-1930) was probably the most influential creator of children's literature in this century. He exerted this influence not only as a writer of books, he also created ideas for books in series which were completed by hired 'ghostwriters' for a flat fee and then offered to publishers on a royalty basis. Between 1904 and 1985 the Stratemeyer Syndicate produced more than 1,400 series book volumes which were written by 100 ghostwriters under about 75 different pseudonyms. The most popular series include The Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Baseball Joe, and The Happy Hollisters."

Source: James D. Keeline The Stratemeyer Syndicate

Annie Was a Member of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Mrs. Annie Lucinda Roll Stratemeyer
DAR ID Number: 106043.
Born in Ovid, N. Y.
Wife of Maurice H. Stratemeyer.

Descendant of Sergt. John Roll, Isaac Roll, and John Earl, as follows:
1. Jonathan Smith Roll (1828-1904) m. 1852 Lucinda Kidd (1834-1902).
2. Wesley Roll (1801-55) m. 1824 Ann Smith (1802-72).
3. John Roll (1765-1810) m. 1785 Mary Earl (1768-1852).
4. Isaac Roll m. Sarah Cauldwell; John Earl m. Joanna Howard (1735-1800).
5. John Roll m. Elizabeth —.

John Roll served as sergeant in Capt. Peter Layton's company of Morris County, New Jersey militia. He died in Elizabeth Township, New Jersey, where in 1782 his will was probated.

Isaac Roll served as teamster in the quartermaster's department, New Jersey militia. He was born and died in Springfield, Union County, N. J.

John Earl (1723-99) was a member of the Committee of Observation of Newark, N. J., 1774. He was born in Secaucus, Hudson County; died in Middleville, N. J.

Source: Lineage Books of the Charter Members of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Vol. CVII. The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Page 13.


Edward Stratemeyer & the Stratemeyer Syndicate

Location—31 Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ