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The Jonathan S. Roll Family Bible
Union County, New Jersey 1828-1904

A Family Bible is a Bible handed down through a family, with each successive generation recording information about the family's history inside it. Typically, this information consists of births, deaths, baptisms, confirmations and marriages. Other items, such as letters, newspaper cuttings and photographs, might also be placed inside a Family Bible. In the United Kingdom, they were common in the Victorian period, and are also found in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. They are often used as sources for genealogical research. (Source: Wikipedia)

A Transcription of the File in Rutgers University, Special Collection

Jonathan S. Roll Family Bible
Bible Records #893 Roll/Booream/Kidd
Rutgers University, Alexander Library, Special Collections Room.

Jonathan S. Roll (1828-1904) Family Bible
Union County, [New Jersey]

Maurice H. Stratemeyer (born 1854)

Contributed by Mrs. E. L. Ogden of Elizabeth (member) [manuscript copy] recopied by Willard S. M[ue]hmore for the Genealogical Society of New Jersey

Family Record

Marriage is Honorable in all Marriages

Jonathan S. Roll & Lucinda (Kidd) Roll united in the bonds of matrimony at Elizabeth, New Jersey. September 4th.1851 Lewis R. Dunn, officiating clergyman.

Maurice Henry Stratemeyer & Annie Luninda, daughter of Jonathan S. & Lucinda Roll, at Elizabeth, New Jersy October 18, 1881 Rev H. H. Oberly, officiating

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Herbert Clark Hill of East Orange, N. J. to Alice Margaret daughter of Maurice Henry & Annie Lucinda Stratemeyer at Elizabeth, N. J. October 5th. 1910. Rev. Harris C. Rush officiating

Irving Roll Stratemeyer to Alice Irene Cox son of Maurice Henry & Annie Lucinda Stratemeyer at Sacramento, California, July 7, 1920.


Jonathan S. Roll March 3rd. 1828 Father Lucinda Kidd January 16, 1834 Mother

1st. John Joseph Roll April 4th. 1852
[2nd.] Joseph Hedges Roll April 21, 1854
3d Annie Lucinda Roll September 23, 1860
4th. William Henry Roll November 22nd. 1862
8th. Freddie Luther Roll March 20 1866
The above is the record of Jonathan S. Roll & family

Maurice Henry Stratemeyer October 10th. 1854 Father
Annie Lucinda Roll September 23, 1860 Mother
Maurice Henry Stratemeyer July 7. 1882 1st.
Irving Roll Stratemeyer October 21st. 1885 2nd
Alice Margaret Stratemeyer February 7th. 1889 3rd


Children of Maurice and Annie Lucinda Stratemeyer
Maurice Henry Stratemeyer July 21st. 1882
Irving Roll [Stratemeyer] February 21 1886
Alice Margaret [Stratemeyer] June 4 1889

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Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.


John Joseph Roll, September 4th. 1853 1st. child
Freddie Luther Roll, August 30th, 1866 5 child
William Henry Roll, Octiber 28, 1898 in his 36th. year 4 child
Lucinda Roll (nee Kidd) Dec. 6th 1902 in her 69th year Mother
Jonathan Smith Roll March 10th 1904 age 76 yrs 7 days
The above is the record of Jonathan S. Roll[']s family.

Maurice Henry Stratemeyer [first born child of Maurice Henry & Anne Lucinda Stratemeyer] January 3d. 1888 in his 6th. year
Maurice Henry Stratemeyer May 27th. 1920 in this 66th. yr Father

Written on a sheet of paper and newspaper clippings [in bible]:

Abbie Boeram Jamesburg N. J. 109 years old died about 1865 buried in Slattswood

Henry Boeram - Husband Mothers side Great grandfather of Mrs. M. H. Stratemeyer

Frank C. Wahl - at Somerville died april 12th buried April 15, 1920

Louis C. Stratemeyer [_____] Marie Died April 10 1859 in her 46th. year Grandfather & Grandmother of Anne L. Roll Stratemeyer

John Kidd Died Oct 9. 1875 63 yrs

Ann Kidd wife of Frank C. Wahl Jan 31st. 1842-1916 Oct. 5

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Abigail wife of Joseph Booraem. died April 11, 1865 Age 100 years was the Grandmother of Lucinda Kidd Roll and Great Grandmother of Anna Lucinda Roll Stratemeyer.

Abigail is buried in Slattswood, N. J. in Dutch Reformed Church yard.

Source: Jonathan Smith Roll family Bible, Union co.

Original Source: Kidd / Roll Family Bible, p. 893, Rutgers University, Special Collection