William Henry Roll

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They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them. --Laurence Binyon,"Ode of Remembrance"

I have gathered a posie of other men's flowers, and nothing but the string that binds them is mine own. --Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

Documenting your family history is a lifelong pursuit, a task of pleasure and research that is never completely finished.

Not to know one's ancestors, is to be a tree without roots, a stream without a source. --Kung-fut-se

The wind whispers through the trees, recalling words and dreams and memories of those who left us long ago. --Unknown

St. Basil of Caesarea, born about 330 A.D., said, "A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love."


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Pages in the Works

The phrase "in the works" refers to tasks that I have not actually started. But I have thought about starting at one point in time. Some of these tasks were conceived very long ago. Nevertheless, conception is notable progress for these tasks and, therefore, there is progress to report to you. The project isn't done yet, but it's "in the works."

The following is a list of people, places, and things are associated with my family history, most of them closely. I have already researched these subjects and have enough material for the creation of future pages for the Roll Family Windmill. They are projects "in the works."

  • The Sells Brothers Circus: Lewis and Peter Sells (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sells_Brothers_Circus) and (https://youtu.be/nzPIuFJVIDQ)
  • John Roll and Martha Patty Force's children descendants of Hugh Capet, KIng of France (Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, p. 446. Edward FitzRandolph and Elizabeth Blossom
  • The Gaston Enigma
  • Compiled Genealogies: The pitfalls
  • Very distant relatives: Elizbeth II Windsor, etc.
  • Winston Spencer-Churchill
  • "Jersey Genealogy," a long running genealogy column in the Newark Evening News
  • Filiopietism
  • The Provenance of Wesley Roll Farm: The Famous Cook Poultry Farm
  • United Empire Loyalists: The Keticheson-Roll family
  • Lines: Submitted lines of descent
  • Queries: Submitted genealogical questions and answers
  • Family Tree Maker Refugees: Randy Seaver and GenealogyTools.com
  • John Roll McLean: Named for John Roll
  • David and Catherine Roll: Their genealogical papers
  • How many ancestors are there? (from Olive Tree)
  • The Canadian Rolls:
  • The Black Sheep: Abraham Roll, Baltus Roll, Brooks Roll?, Jan Jansz. Van Salee
  • The Rolls of the Illinois Prairie: Roll, Broadwell, Carmen, etc.
  • The Georgia Rolls: Luther, Jacob and Jacob Earl Roll
  • Mission of San Xavier del Bac http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/13464b.htm
  • Papago Indians http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11451c.htm
  • Yaqui Indians http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/11451c.htm
  • Eusebius Kino http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/08660a.htm
  • Pima Indians http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12100a.htm
  • Tucson http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/15084b.htm
  • Gaston de Foix: baseless family legend
  • Astor, John J. Astor IV and Madeleine T. Force: victims on the Titanic (7C4x)
  • Woglom, Charlotte Rebecca (Mrs. Bleecker Bangs)
  • Sullivan, Barbara A. (Mrs. Richard G. Barth)
  • Blythe, California: twenty-nine miles east of hell
  • Bogart, Humphrey De Forest (7C3x)
  • Brotherton, Richard and Mary Willson: conductors on the Underground Railroad (2C5x)
  • Burr, Aaron, Jr.: Vice-President of the USA (4C6x)
  • Cemeteries: Roll resting places
  • Canistagione Deed and Estate Committee
  • Cattle Men: Sanford
  • Cropsey, Jasper Francis: American landscape artist
  • Douglas, Melvyn: Hollywood
  • Dwight, Rev. Timothy Vth: president of Yale College (6C4x)
  • Dwight, Timothy, IVth: president of Yale College (4C6x)
  • Earle, Edward: the tree Edward Earles of Secaucus
  • Earle, Isaac Newton: 1853 History and genealogy of the Earles of Secaucus  Genealogist 
  • Earle, Lawrence Carmichael: artist
  • Edison, Thomas Alva: inventor extraordinaire (6C3x)
  • Edwards, Rev. Jonathan: theologian (2C8x)
  • Force, Madeleine Talmadge (Mrs. John Jacob Astor IV) (9C3x)
  • Francisco, Hendrick: Old Henry, the modern methuselah (2C9x)
  • Gahagan, Helen M. (Mrs. Melvyn Douglas): 1900 actress, politician Genealogist
  • Gaston, William and Louisa Beecher: Governor of Massachusetts
  • Grant, Hiram Ulysses: 18th President of the USA (8C4x)
  • Gustave Anjou: creator of hundreds of fradulent pedigrees
  • Herrera, José M. and Rosa Méndez: "immigrants" in the land of their birth
  • Insley, Albert Babb: artist and photographer (5C3x)
  • Insley, Henry Earle: pioneer photographer (4C4x)
  • Lincoln, Abraham (4th great grand nephew of husband of 1st cousin 11x)
  • Lohmiller, Evelyn Grace (Mrs. Albert Holden Norweb): 1922  Genealogist 
  • Manning, Charles W.: 1855  Genealogist RTW 
  • Manning, Guy:  Genealogist RTW 
  • Minthorne, Hannah (Mrs. Daniel D. Tompkins) (3c3x)
  • Mitchell, Cherlotte Lynn (Mrs. Justin L. Giltner)
  • Pike, Zebulon Montgomery: American brigadier general and explorer (Uncle of wife of husband of 5th great aunt)
  • Pease, Thomas and Rebecca Rull: Erie Canal (4C5x)
  • Porritt, Thomas and Margaret McCann: Mormon handcart pioneers
  • Railroad Men: Kidd, Roll, etc.
  • Riggs, Henry Earle: 1865 Our pioneer ancestors  Genealogist 
  • Roll, Annie L. (Mrs. Maurice H. Stratemeyer): 1860  Genealogist DAR 
  • Roll, Charles Singer: 1922  Genealogist 
  • Roll, Charles W.: 1845  Genealogist RTW 
  • Roll, David H., Sr. and Catherine Lennon: five transcontinental journeys
  • Roll, David H., Sr. and Catherine Lennon: astronautical engineer
  • Roll, Edwin D.: 1906 The Roll family, 1174-1978. 1982. LDS Fische6018739  Genealogist 
  • Roll, Isaac C. and Catherine Van Dyke: the Jersey quilt
  • Roll, John Linden and Katherine Kate Bemis: 1854  Genealogist DAR 
  • Roll, Lyle C.: CEO of the Kellogg Company
  • Roll, J. Martin: 1843  Genealogist RTW 
  • Roll, Mary Adeline (Mrs. John Nowelsky): 1914  Genealogist 
  • Roll, Matthias, Jane Stewart and Lucy Williams: Roll, Indiana, ghost town
  • Roll, Roland H.: 1888  Genealogist 
  • Roll, Washington M.: The Washington Post and Mclean, Virginia
  • Roosevelt, Anna Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin Delano Roosevelt) (9C3x)
  • Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: President of the USA (9C3x)
  • Roosevelt, Theodore President of the USA (8C4x)
  • Schooley Family
  • Smith, Hannah Maria (Mrs. William H. Gahagan): 1838  Genealogist RTW DAR 
  • Sells, Lewis and Rhoda Jane Cross: Sells Brothers Circus
  • Smith, Jonathan and Elizabeth Brotherton: [farm: Jonathan, Wesley, Ann...William Cook & Sons]
  • Stratemeyer, Edward: Ann Lucinda Roll's brother-in-law
  • Stillwell, John Edwin, Jr: Genealogist, Historian (Step 5th great grandson of 11th great aunt)
  • Sullivan, Barbara Aileen. (Mrs. Richard G. Barth): 1928  Genealogist 
  • Tompkins, Daniel D.: Vice President of the United States (husband of 3rd cousin 3x removed)
  • Vreeland, Michiel Jansen and Fytje Hartmans Wessels: fur trader, farmer and politician
  • Wick, Tempe: hid her beloved horse from a British officer
  • Wilks, Marguerite McGowan: 1893 (Mrs. Philip Henry Lennon)  Genealogist 
  • Woglom, Cornelius and Almira Smith: Brooklyn's police captain
  • Woolley, Charles Woodruff 1823  Genealogist RTW 
  • Wright, Orville and Wilbur: human powered flight (7c3x)