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Burials in the Village of Bergen in New Jersey

first church

The first stone church at Bergen, 1680

Names of the persons who have died and were buried within the jurisdiction of Bergen and around New York by me R. Van Giesen, in my capacity of Undertaker (Aanspreker).

Explanation of Abbreviations

ch. child
wi. wife
wid. widow
da. daughter
* died
Bur. buried
Y. M. young man
Y. D. maiden

The pall was owned by the Church, and those able to pay for its use could have their relatives or friends carried to the grave with it on the coffin.


1 March 4. Bur. Michiel Teunisen at Bergen.
2 May 14. Bur. at Bergen the wife of Jan J___, living at Pemmerepoch.
3 September 20. Bur. the ch. of Beltel Lot, at Bergen.
4 December 26. Bur. the ch. of Douwe Hermensen, at Bergen.


5 October 30. Bur. the ch. of Christiaen Pieters at Bergen.1668
6 January 16. Bur. Lourus Duyts at Bergen.
7 February 27. Bur. the ch. of Jan Evertse Kerseboom, at Bergen.
8 May 1. Bur. the ch. of Jan Maurits at Bergen.
9 May 5. Bur. Willem Spenser at Bergen.
10 July 29. Bur. the ch. of Hendrick Reycke at Bergen.
11 September 20. Bur. the ch. of Elyas Magiels Vreeland.
12 October 4. Bur. Lysbet Dircks, wi. of Hermen Smeeman, at Bergen.
13 October 12. Bur. Cristiaen Claesen.
14 October 18. Bur. ch. of Arien Van Laer.
15 December 23. Bur. Echtje Jacobs, wi. of Dirck Claesen Braeck, living at ___.1669
16 April 10. Bur. Merritje ___, wi. of Jan Maurits, at Bergen.
17 September 16. Bur. ch. of Jan Evers ___.
18 October 18. Bur. ch. of Jan Mic ___.
19 November 6. Bur. ch. of Mr. ___.


20 January 12. Bur. Jannetje ___, wi. of Casper Steynmets, at Bergen.
21 March 7. Bur. Is___yse___.
22 April 24. Bur. ch. of ___ich Corne___.
23 May 11. Bur. Getruyt ___, wi. of Jocob Lub, at Bergen.
24 May 14. Bur. ch. of ___.
25 June 28. Bur. ___igge ___eymets.
26 October 17. ___Anna D.
27 October. Bur. da. of Tomas Teckh at Bergen.


28 March 24. Bur. ch. of English woman, living with Willem Dogelis at Pemmerepoch, at Bergen.
29 June 16. Bur. Roelof Cornelisse at Bergen.


30 May 6. Bur. ch. of R. Van Giesen at Bergen.
31 September 14. Bur. ch. of Jan Lubberts at Bergen.
32 October 16. Bur. ch. of Mr. Sa. Edsall at Bergen.
33 October 29. Bur. ch. of Hertman Magiels at Bergen.
34 December 19. Bur. ch. of Lourus Arents Toers at Bergen.
35 December 19. Bur. ch. of Poulus Pietersz at Bergen.


36 January 8. Bur. Arent Louersen Toers at Bergen.
37 August 23. Bur. at Bergen Jan Lubberts, son of Lubbert Lubberts, of Hackensack.
38 October 16. Bur. son of Douwen Hermesen Talma, at Bergen.


39 April 7. Bur. ch. of Elias Magiels Vreelant at Bergen.


40 January 3. Bur. Cornelis Abrahams, living at Pemmerepoch, at Bergen.
41 February 18. Bur. Cap. Adriaen Post at Bergen.
42 March 18. Bur. ch. of Matys Mulder at Bergen.
43 May 12. Bur. Treyntje Jacobs, wi. of Casper Steynmets, at New York.
44 October 13. Bur. ch. of Hartman Magiels at Bergen.


45 January 16. Bur. Engelbert Steenhuys, living at Bergen, and bur. there, the first with the pall.
46 July 20. Bur. da. of Hendrick Tonise, the second with the pall, at Bergen.
47 December 9. Bur. newly born infant of Jan Straetmaker, at Bergen.


48 January 5. Bur. Jannetje Hendricks, wi. of Hermen Eduwaerts,
at Bergen, the third with the pall.
49 May 8. Bur. Gerrit Fransen, son of Geertruyt Gerrits, of Pemmerpoch, the fourth with the pall, at Bergen.
50 May 12. Bur. son of Maddaleentje Hansen, wid. of Hendrick Jansen Spier, at Pemmerpoch.
51 June 10. Bur. ch. of Matys Mulder.


52 January 24. Bur. son of Matheus Cornelisz, the sixth with the pall.
53 August 1. Bur. ___, wi. of Pieter Merselisz, seventh with the pall.
54 October 11. Bur. Geertruy Gerrits ___ Cornelis Abrahams, having lived at Pemmerepoch, eighth with pall.
55 October 21. Bur. da. of Arien Pietersz Bu___, ninth with pall.


56 March 1. Bur. ch. of Sjarel Mackleeyn.
57 March 30. Bur. Feytje Roelofs, wid. of Joost Van der Linden, has lived at Pemmerepoch, tenth with pall.
58 April 30. Bur. Hermen Eduwaertsz, eleventh with pall.


59 June 28. Bur. da. of Lourens Arense Toers, twelfth with pall.
60 August 1. Bur. da. of Enoch Magielsz Vreeland, the second in the church; thirteenth with pall.
61 September 4. Bur. da. of hendrick Van Reenen, fourteenth with pall.
62 September 4. Bur. Pieter Mercelisze, third in the church at Bergen, fifteenth with pall.
63 September 8. Bur. son of Claes Janse, the fourth in church, sixteenth with pall.
64 October 9. Bur. Anna Claes, wid. of Arent Louersen Toers, seventeenth with pall.
65 October 16. Bur. newly born infant of Jurijaan Thomasen, the fifth in the church.


66 March 8. Bur. newly born infant of Johannes Magielsz Vreeland.
67 June 21. Bur. Maeckje Baltusen, da. of Baltus Barentsen, the sixth in church; eighteenth with pall; first with bell ringing.
68 August 6. Bur. wi. of Mr. Willem Dougels, nineteenth with pall.
69 October 1. Bur. son of Gerrit Van Reenen, twentieth with pall.
70 October 17. Bur. son of Jan Adansen, twenty-first with pall.
71 December 28. Bur. Ide Cornelisz Van de Voorst, at New York, with pall, of Bergen; twenty-second with pall.


72 January 5. Bur. Evert Nolde, seventh inchurch; 23rd with pall.
73 January 11. Bur. Carel Carelsz, Y. M., 24th with pall, at Bergen.
74 May 29. Bur. both newly born infants of Tonis Roelofs.
75 June 7. Bur. ch. of Cornelis Claesz, the eighth in the church.
76 November 16. Bur. two ch. of Sjarel Mackleeyn, 25th with pall.
77 November 29. Bur. ch. of Francoys De Smidt.
78 December 2. Bur. Aertje Gerrits, wi. of Hermen Koerten, 26th with pall; ninth in the church, at Bergen.


79 January 13. Newly born infant of Francoys De Smidt.
80 October 17. The son of Gerbrandt Claesz, tenth in church, 27th with pall. 81 December 20. Anna Lubi, wi. of Matheus Cornelisz, 28th with pall. (82 deaths.)


82 May 4. Cateleyntje Koetere, wi. of Francoys De Smidt, 29th with pall.
83 June 22. Son of Leysbeth Jacobs, wid. of Wybrant Abrahamse, living at New York, 30th with pall.
84 September 23. Gerrit Dirckse Straetmaker, son of Jan Dirckse Straetmaker, at Bergen; 31st with pall.
85 October 1. Thomas Louwersz, son of Louwerus A Toers, at Bergen, 32nd with pall.
86 October 10. Johannes, son of Lourus Arentse Toers, at Bergen, 33rd with pall.
87 October 20. Francoys De Smidt at Bergen, 34th with pall.


88 June 19. Douwe Hermense Talma, the eleventh in church, 35th with pall.


89 April 26. Son of Jan Ariaansen Sip, twelfth in church, 36th with pall.
90 July 8. Son of Baltus Barents Van Kleeck, named Pieter, at Bergen, 37th with pall.
91 July 30. Sjarel Mackeleyn's son, at Bergen; 38th with pall.
92 August 14. Da. of Gerrit Steynmets, the 13th in the church; 39th with pall.
93 August 15. Jacob Jansen Kleumpje, Y. M., having lived at Gemoenepa, with Andries Preyer; 40th with pall.
94 August 30. Pieter Hessels from Bergen, 41st. with pall.
95 October 5. Dierckje Meyers, wi. of Enoch Michiels Vreelant, the 14th in church; 42nd with pall.
96 November 8. Vroutje Claes, wi. of Gerrit Steynmets, living at Ahasymes, 43rd with pall.
97 November 9. Son of Jo Michelsz Vreelant, living at Ackquechge.
98 November 24. Da. of Gerrit Steynmets, 16th in the church.
99 November 30. Claes Jansen Kuyper, living at Ahasymus, the 17th in church; 44th with pall.


100 February 2. Da. of Matheus Cornelisen, at Bergen.
101 August 25. Da. of Tonis Roelofs at Tappaen.
102 September 11. Gerritje Cornelis Van Nes, wi. of Jacob Lubi, living at Bergen.
103 October 11. Arien Thomasen, living at Achquechnonk, 46th with pall; 18th in the church, at Bergen.
104 November 9. Lysbeth Cornelis, wid. of Jan Van Rossen, bur. by the deaconry; 47th with pall.
105 November 26. Hermen Koerten, 19th in the church; 48th with pall.
106 December 8. Son of Cornelis Van Voorst, 20th in the church; 49th with pall.


107 March 31. Newly born infant of Hertman Michiels Vreelant.
108 May 6. Newly born infant of Johannes Jansen, at Achquechnonk.
109 May 9. Son of Thomas Cerven, smith at Bergen.
110 May 23. Hans, son of Matys Mulder, 50th with pall.
111 July 22. Mary Karpis, wi. of Michel Diercks, son of Dirck Tonise and Jannitje Michiels Vreelant, 51st with pall.
112 October 29. The ch. of Abraham Ackerman, at Bergen.
113 October 31. Da. of Catryna Gerrits, wid. of Adriaan Post, 52nd with pall.
114 December 13. Willem Hendricks, son of Sophia Van Ackersloot (?) at Bergen, 53rd with pall.


115 January 17. Son of Matheus Cornelisen at Bergen.
116 March 28. Benjamin Steynmetz, Y. M., at Bergen.
117 April 16. Jan Seylder, having lived with Annetje Cornelis, wid. of Claes Jansen, at Ahasymus; 55th with pall.
118 May 15. Jannetje, da. of Matheus Cornelisse; 56th with pall.
119 May 17. Neeltje Ariaans Sip, wid. 57th with pall.
120 June 7. Cornelis Matheusse, son of Matheus Cornelisse, at Bergen, 58th with pall.

(From now on six guilders for an adult; for a ch. one-half as much.) (This refers to the hire for the pall.)

121 June 11. Jacob Lubi, living at Bergen, widr. of Gerritje Cornelis; 59th with pall.
122 September 29. The da. of Abraham Mes___.
123 October 25. Dirck Fransz, who has been wrecked with his boat; 60th with pall.


124 January 15. Mr. Gerrit Gerr___ van Gilde, at Bergen; 21st in the church; 61st with pall.
125 January 15. Michiel Hertmans Vreelant, son of Hertman Michielsz Vreelant; 62nd with pall.
126 January 28. Dierck Claesen Kuyper, son of the late Claes Jansen Kuyper, at Bergen; 22nd in church; 63rd with pall.
127 February 5. Joris Hendricks, son of Hendrick Jorisz; 23rd in the church; 64th with the pall.
128 April 21. Newly born infant of Jacob Jacobsz.
129 June 2. Aeltje Daniels, wi. of Jacob Jacobs Van Winckel; 65th with pall.


130 March 26. Dierck Claesz Braeck, has lived at Gemonepa; 24th in church; 66th with pall.
131 May 18. Reynier, son of Isacq Van Giesen.


132 January 24. Samuel Hendricks; 67th with pall.
133 February 28. Hendrick Jansen Ralewyn, Y. M., at Bergen; 68th with pall.
134 May 26. Claes Arentse Toers' son, named Arend; 69th with pall.


135 April 11. The ch. of Catryn Jans, da. of Jan Lubbertsz, which ch. was born dead in the earlier part of night on Tuesday, April 9th.
136 June 2. The da. of Gerrit Steynmets at Bergen; the 25th in ch.
137 August 7. Gerrit Pietersen, son of the late Pieter Hesselsen at Bergen. The 70th with pall.
138 September 12. Juriaan Tomasen. The 26th in the church; the 71st with pall.


139 January 24. The da. of Abraham Ackerman at Bergen.
140 May 16. Cornelia Jans Ralewyn, wi. of Jan Willemsz Gesscher, at Bergen. 72nd with pall.
141 September 7. Annetje Hermens wi. of Gerrit Gerritsen; 73rd with pall. 27th in the church.
142 September 28. Ysbrand Eldersen, widower of Neeltje, 74th with pall.
143 October 2. Newly born infant of Lourus A. Toers, at Bergen.


144 February 28. Geurt Gerritse, at Bergen, 75th with pall.
145 September 7. Son of Gerbrand Claesen, named Gerbrand. 76th with pall.
146 September 22. Ariaantje Michielse Vreeland, Y. D. at Bergen. 77th with pall.
147 October 17. Feytje Hertmans, wid. of Michiel Jansen Vreeland, at Bergen. 78th with pall.
148 October 28. Willempje Waernaers at Constable's Hook, wi. of Hans Hermense. 79th with pall.
149 November 20. Grietje Wessels, 2nd wi. of Enoch M. Vreeland, at Bergen. 80th with pall.


150 March 2. Hielitje Aerts, wi. of Berte___aesen, living at Pemmerepog. 28th in church. 81st with pall.
151 June 9. Aeltje Jacobs, wi. of Poulus Douwesen, at Pemmerepoch, bur. at Constable's Hook. 82nd with pall.
152 October. Hans Didericks, who died September 30th, Friday noon, between 12 and 1 o'clock, at Bergen. 83rd with pall.
153 October 17. Dierckje Cornelis, wi. of R. Van Giesen, voorleser, at Bergen. 84th with pall.
154 October 22. Grietje Samuels, wi. of Hendrick Teunisen Hellingh. 85th with pall.
155 November 16. Andries Preyers. 86th with pall.
156 December 20. Annetje Hansen, wi. of Claes Hertmans Vreeland, at Constable's Hook. 87th with pall.
157 December 24. Claes, son of Jan Claesen. 29th in the church. 88th with pall.
158 December 26. Son of William Day. Number of deaths 160.


159 March 30. Jerimes___, bur. at the expense of Jo. Steynmets. 89th with pall.
160 October 12. Cornelis Meyer, son of the late Jo. Meyer and Annetje Van Vorst. 30th in the church. 90th with pall.
161 December 26. Da. of Wander Didericks, named Annetje. 91st with pall.


162 February 11. Geesje Gerrits, wi. of Jan Straetmaker. 92nd with pall.
163 February 12. Newly born infant of Uldrick Brouwer.
163 February 12. Newly born infant of Uldrick Brouwer.
164 April 3. Son of Abel Reddenhars.
165 October 26. Hans Hermensen, at Constable's Hook.
166 November 11. Bertel Claesen. 31st in the church. 93rd with pall.


167 February 18. Mosis Suxbery, who was killed, February 17th, by a tree in the cedar swamp; and bur. by order of Jan Gedi.
168 July 22. Rev. Selyns, at New York in the church, in front of the space set apart for baptism (doophuisje). He was bur. on Tuesday afternoon, and died in the Lord on Saturday afternoon, July 19th.
169 August 17. Guert Koerten; 32nd in church. 94th with pall.


170 March 5. Treyntje Maertens, wi. of Paulus Pietersen. 95th with pall.
171 May 19. Tomas Fredericksen. 96th with pall.
172 May 25. Arien, son of Frederick Tomasen. 97th with pall.
173 June 7. Catheleyntje, da. of Claes A. Toers. 98th with pall.
174 June 28. Anna Claes, da. of Claes Arentse Toers. 99th with pall.
175 September 18. Joanna Steynmets, wid. of Andries Preyers, died at New York. 100th with pall.
176 December 10. Merritje Ariaense, wid. of Tomas Fredricksen. 101st with pall.
177 December 18. Poulus Pietersen, widower of Tryntje Martens. 102nd with pall.


178 March 26. Reynier, son of Isaac Van Giesen. 103rd with pall.
179 April 5. Arien Claesen, Y. M., bro. of Cap. Gerbrant Claesen. 104th with pall.
180 April 6. Gerrit Gerritsen, widower of Annetje Hermens. The 33rd in the church. 105th with pall.
181 June 19. Cap. Gerbrand Claesen, by his life, Captain of a company of foot soldiers, at Bergen. 106th with pall.
182 October 7. Geertruyt, da. of Robbert Sickels. 107th with pall.
183 October 19. Feytje, da. of Abel Riddenhars. 108th with pall.
184 November 24. Hendrick, son of Abel Riddenhars.


185 January 19. Newly born son of Gerrit Jurijans. The 34th in the church.
186 April 17. Jacob Van Giesen, drowned April 13, and fished up April 15. 109th with pall.
187 August 30. Son of Rutger Van Hooren, living at Pemmerepoch. 110th with pall.
188 September 21. Claes Pietersen Cos, living at Gemonepa. 35th in the church. 111th with pall.


189 January 30. Jacobus Croeger, Y. M. at Constable's Hook, by order of Mr. Andries Boskerck.
190 February 3. Jan Arentse Van de Bilt at Bergen. 112th with pall.
191 May 12. Matheus Cornelisse Van N. Kerck, at Bergen. 113th with pall.
192 July 9. Jan Clasen, from Tappaen, * at Ahasymus in his mother's house. 36th in church. 114th with pall.
193 December 6. Steyntje Jans, wid. of Hendrick Tonisen Hellingh. 115th with pall.
194 December 18. Hilletje Jans, wid. of Ide van de Voors, from Ahasymus. 116th with pall.


195 April 8. Treyntje Brestede, wi. of Thomas Fransen, lived at Monachje Co of Ackinsack, and bur. at Old Ackinsack.
196 September 25. Da. of Lea Sickels.
197 October 22. Metje Jans, wi. of Jo Janse Van Blerekom, at Bergen. 117th with pall.


198 January 18. Hertman Michielsen Vreelant at Bergen. 118th with pall.
199 January 18. Gysbert Pyper, Plumber, from Amsterdam, at Bergen, by order of Abel Reddenhars. 119th with pall.
200 January 24. Lysbeth Gerrits, wid. of Guert Gerritsen, at Bergen, 120th with pall.
201 May 15. Reynier Bastiaense Van Giesen, Voorlezer of Bergen, after having held the office for near 42 years. 121st with pall.
202 September 4. The son of Claes Arentse Toers, at Bergen.
203 September 7. Cornelia Hendrick, wi. of Isack Van Giesen 122nd with pall.


204 January 24. Son of Jacob Jacobse Van Winkel.
205 March 12. Rachel Straetemaker, wi. of Daniel Van Winkel 124th with pall.
206 March 23. Da. of Cornelis Claesen, * at Ahasymus, in the house of Annetje Stoffels. 125th with pall.
207 August 14. Aagtje Vreeland, wi. of Roelof Helmigsen. 126th with pall.
208 November 16. Ch. of Enog Machielsen Vreland and Aagtje Van Hoorn. 127th (with pall).


209 March 20. * Johannis Stynmets and was bur. March 22, at Bergen on the common burial ground. 128th with pall.
210 October 25. * the son of Abel Riddenhars, and bur. October 27th on the common cemetery. 129th with pall.


211 January 3. * youngest da. of Gerrit Gerritse by his wi. Niesje Pieters, and was buried in the church (being the 36th that lies bur. in the church) on January 5th. 130th with pall.
212 January 16. * da. of Pieter Van Boskerk, and bur. on his farm. 131st [with pall].
213 January 27. Bur. Machiel and Seitje Vreeland, children of Johannis Michielse Vreeland. 132nd with pall.
214 January 31. Bur. in the church Hillegont, oldest da. of Cornelis Van Vorst and Feytje Gerrits. The 37th in the church. 133rd with pall.
215 May 19. * Esther de Vouw, wi. of Uldrick Brouwer. Bur. May 21st. 134th with pall.
216 August 7. Was drowned and August 11th bur. Andries Claas. Bur. on the Bergen Cemetery. 135th with pall.
217 September 16. Bur. Sofia van Wykensloot, wid. of Jan Nak. 136th with pall.
218 September 30. Bur. in the church Aaltje da. of Gerrit Jurriansen and Beletje Dircks. 137th with pall.


219 January 3. Bur. son of Matheus Demoth and Margrietje Blinkerhoff. 138th [with pall].
220 April 19. Bur. ch. of Harpert Gerrebrantsen and Hillegont Marselis.
221 April 21. Pryntie Machielsen Vreelant, wi. of Andries Claasen. 139th with pall.
222 September 4. * and Sept. 6 bur. Madelena, wi. of Jan Lubbertsen Van Blerkum. 140th with pall.
223 September 20. * and Sept. 22 bur. at Constable's Hook, Jenneken Van Boskerke Y. Woman.
224 December 15. Bur. on the island Sychakes, old man Eduard Earle being in his 84th year. 141st with pall.


225 January 11. Bur. ch. of Uldrick Brouwer and Adriaantje Pieters.


226 June 26. * and bur. the 29th at Bergen,Johannis Machielsen Vreeland.


227 Bur. Marretje, wid. of Cap. Gerrebrand Claasen.


228 May 8. * and bur. the 11th, Catharina Hopper, wi. of Fredrick Thomassen.


229 October 10. * and bur. the 10th Claas Arentse Toers.


230 July 12. * and bur. the 14th, Annatje Stoffels, wid. of Claas Jansen Kuyper.


231 November 20. * and bur. the 22nd, Jacob Jacobsen Van Winkel.

1727? (May be 1717; much blurred)

232 August. Bur. Enog Machielse Vreeland. In the month of May in the same year, the wife of Cornelis Michielse ___ died also.


233 February. Bur. at Bergen Elisabeth Gerrits, wid. of Pieter Hesselsen.
234 Same year. Bur. Joh. Pouwels.


235 August 12. * and August 14 bur. Capt. Jan Sip.
236 August 14. * and ___ bur. Jan Arensen Toers.
237 October 7. * and Oct. 9 bur. Helmig Roelofsen Van Houten.
238 November 13. * and Nov. 15 bur. Nicolaes Arentsen Toers, Y. M.
239 December 27. * and bur. the 29th Robbert Sickels.


240 January 12. * and bur. the 14th, da. of Johannis and Claasje Sickels.
241 April 21. * and bur. the 23rd, son of Casparis Preyer and Saartje Andriessen.
242 October 29. * and bur. November 1st, da. of Pieter Marcelissen and Jenneke Preyer.
243 November 4. * and bur. the 5th, ch. of Hendrick Vander Oef and Eva Slot.
244 November 19. * and bur. the 22nd, Gerrit Stymets, having lived at Ahasymus, and has been bur. on the Bergen Cemy.
245 November 24. * at sunrise, and bur. November 27th, son of Michiel CornelissenVreeland and his wife Jen--?


246 October 27. * at midnight and bur. the 29th Geertruy Sikkels, wi. of Hendrik Sikkels; aged 44 years.
247 October 23. bur. newly born infant of Pieter and Jenneken Marcelis.
248 November 3. bur. son of Pieter Post by his wife Catryntje.
249 November 28. bur. newly born infant of Zacharias Sikkels by his wife Adriaantje.
250 December 2. * and bur. the 4th, Arjaantje Hartmanse Vreeland, wi. of Zacharias Sikkels.


251 January 3. Bur. ch. of Jurriaan Gerritsen and Grietje Diederikx.
252 February 7. Bur. ch. of Michiel Hartmansen Vreeland, and Elisabeth Gerrits.
253 February 13. bur. ch. of Margen Smith and Catlyntje Tades.
254 February 15. bur. ch. of A. Toers and Annetje Spier.
255 March 6. * and bur. the 7th, Jacob Enogsen Vreeland.
256 March 30. bur. son of Pieter Post, named Samuel.
257 July 15. bur. at Constable's Hook, ch. of Pieter Macale, and Marytje Andries.
258 August 13. * and bur. the 15th Wander Diderikx, elder of the Ref. Church at Bergen.
259 September 20. * and bur. the 22nd the wid. of Jacob Jacobsen Van Winkel.
260 October 9. * and bur. the 11th, Gerrit Gerritsen Van Waagening.
261 October 22. * da. of Dirck and Jannetje Fredricksen Cadmus at Pemmerepoch, old about 13 months and named Catryntje. Bur. the 24th at Constables Hook.
262 November 8. * and November 10th bur. at the Bergen Cemy. a son of Mr. Johannes Cavelier by his wife Cathelyntje.
263 December 26. * and bur. the 27th, the 2nd son of Juriaan Gerritsen by his wife Gerretje Diderikx.


264 April 10. bur. at Constables Hook, A. Boskerck.
265 April 29. * and bur. May 2nd, Johannes Pietersen.
266 May 6. bur. Jan Hendriksen, son-in-law of Casper Preyers.


267 February 3. * and bur. the 5th, Catryntje Beekman, wi. of Pieter Post.
268 March 13. bur. Johannis Sikkels. * the 11th.
269 May 19. * Feytje Gerrits Van Wagening, wi. of Cornelis Van Vorst. Bur. the 21st.
270 March 19. Bur. ch. of P. Stuyvesant and Pryntje Preyer.
271 March 23. Bur. ch. of Morgen Smit and Catje Tades.
272 April 8. Bur. Catharina Andriessen, Y. D.


273 May 10. Bur. son of Lourens Van Boskerk and his wife Feytje Vreeland.
274 June 25. Bur. ch. of Hendrick Sikels and his wife Sara Ackerman.
275 July 17. Bur. ch. of Abraham Dideryck and his wi. Geertruy Bon.
276 August 22. Bur. Geertruy Van Winkel, wi. of Johannis Diederyck.
277 August 26. Bur. Benjamin, son of Enoch Vreelant.
278 November 7. Bur. wi. of Pieter Van Boskerk at Constable's Hook.


279 July 8. Bur. Marte Winnig.
280 July 15. Bur. Antje Pieterse.


281 June 15. * Neeltje Van Vechten, wi. of Rut Van Horn. Bur. the 18th.
282 July 29. * Pieter Van Boskerk. Bur. August 1st at Constable's Hook.
283 August 24. Bur. Gerrit Van Wagenen, son of Johannis Van Wagenen.
284 September 20. Bur. son of Joris Vrelant and wife Annetje Van Wage 290 December 10. Johannes, son of Mathys Demoth. * the 8th.


291 May 17. Rut Van Hoorn. * May 15th.
292 July 4. Zara Kuyper, wi. of Johannis Jurrianze. * July 2nd.
293 October 18. Jacob, son of Casparus Preyer. * October 15th.


294 May 10. Barend Spier. * May 8th.
295 December 12. Jacomina Toers. * December 10th.


296 February 21. Katje Tades, wi. of Margon Smith--with pall.
297 March 7. Ch. of Hendrick V. der Hoef.


298 April 11. Gesie, da. of Mathys Demoth, on the old cemy.
299 September. Pietertje Van Vorst, wi. of Marcelis Pieterse.
300 November 13. ___ Winckel, wi. of Jacob Diedericks. * November 11.
301 May 21. Belytje Dircks, wi. of Gerrit Jurrianzen. * May 20th.
302 November 10. Fredrik Cadmus. * November 8th.


303 May 15. Aaltje Jurrianzen. * May 13th.
304 June 16. Jacob Diederikx. * June 14th.
305 July 5. Johannes Spier, at Constable's Hook. * July 2nd.
306 August 8. Annetje, da. of Pieter Marcelusz. * August 6th.
307 September 19. Rutger Kadmus at Tappan. * September 17th.
308 October 1. Johan, son of Derk Kadmus. * September 28th.
309 October 7. Derk, father of Johan Kadmus, aforementioned. * Oct. 5.
310 October 13. (Name obliterated) on the new Cemy. * October 11th.


311 January 18. Catriena Mathewese. * January 16.
312 January 22. Hendrik Vander Hoef. * January 20th.
313 July 20. Helmich Van Wagenen. * July 19th.
314 August 23. David Karmiegel. * August 22nd.
315 October 14. Ch. of Jan De With, on new Cemy.
316 October 26. Marcelis Pieterse, *October 23, aged 91 years
317 November 29. Ch. of Joris Vreland. * November 27th.


318 March 31. Klaasie Vreeland. * March 29th.
319 April 5. Elyas Vreland. * April 2nd.
320 April 9. Rachel Spier. * April 7th.
321 April 29. Catryna Pier. * April 27th.
322 May 8. Johannes De Logransie at Constable's Hook. * May 6th.
323 August 23. Michiel Andriz. * August 22nd.
324 September 5. Gerrit Jurrianzen. * September 4th.


325 August 12. Catlyntje, da. of Jacob V. Wagenen and his wife Jennetje Van Houte. *August 11th.
326 August 23. Son of Abraham Sickkels.
327 September 9. Catlyna, da. of Geertruy Spier. * September 8th.
328 September 10. Belitje, da. of Margrietje Jurrijanse. * September 8.
329 October 1. Son of Paulus N. Kerck. * September 29th.
330 October 5. Cornelis, son of Helmich Van Wagenen. * October 4th.
331 October 10. Judick, wi. of Gerrit Roos. * October 8th.
332 October 20. Da. of Martje Van Wagenen. * October 19th.
333 November 27. Ch. of Johannis Pryer. * November 26th. 1750
334 January 28. Antje Ziph, wi. of Ide Ziph. * January 25th.
335 May 21. Helena, wi. of Jan Van Hoorn. * May 19th. 1751
336 January 29. Gerrit, son of Joris Vreland. * January 26th.
337 September 14. Catharina, wi. of Gerrit N. Kerk. * September 12--1st with new pall.

Source: Year Book of the Holland Society of New York, 1915, pages 21-56.